Ready, Connect, Trust: Unleashing the Potential of Trusted Data


Wednesday, 30 June: 15:30 - 16:30


My MWC Online, Hall Virtual



Session Description

The current crisis has also shown the critical role technology and connectivity plays in modern life and society. But with every crisis, there is the opportunity to rethink and re-evaluate. Our expert panel will explore how the industry can build from here to drive digital growth in devices and data services with secure IoT in two discussions.
1.  eSIM societal benefits during the pandemic: what can we learn?
eSIM capabilities have enabled some novel use-cases to revolutionize many industries, including remote healthcare, asset tracking, public safety, and more. What’s next for ready-to-connect hardware? 
2.  Delivering on the zero-touch promise for trust at scale: what’s ahead? 
Data exchange at scale is both IoT's most significant opportunity and hurdle. Kigen and hyper-scale partners will discuss what is needed to shift the economics of secure services for IoT devices to be considered first-class citizens for secure services. What does a unified approach for securing data across any device, any network, or any TLS stack look like for OEMs and businesses? Now, and in the 5G future.
Key Takeaways
Attend this webinar to get your questions answered by our expert panel and learn:
How some of the fastest growing segments have adopted ready-to-connect eSIM through the pandemic? How will this trend grow?
The latest developments in IoT SAFE and delivering practical data exchange secure at scale.
An industry framework and manifesto to ease path to scale for data exchange.

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