Post Covid Policies Shaping Industry 4.0


Monday, 28 June: 14:30 - 15:30


Ministerial Programme - CC4.1, Hall Upper Walkway



Session Description

The global pandemic has been a catalyst for digital change. In response to more than a year of Covid-related restrictions, companies took advantage of digital technologies to ensure business continuity and to deliver new service offerings. E-commerce, digital health and online content platforms have taken huge leaps. The focus now turns to recovery of the wider economy. Digitalisation of industry is essential to driving new levels of efficiency and productivity — through smart automation, improved communications and advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics and autonomous vehicles. Digital and industrial policies are of particular importance, laying out a roadmap to growth, offering incentives and funding where needed, and removing barriers to innovation.


- How can digital and industrial policies strengthen economic resilience to future crises?

- How can industrial policy accelerate the technological advancement of industry, aka Industry 4.0, while supporting short- and medium-term economic recovery?

- Are governments, regulators and the private sector collaborating enough and in the right ways to achieve the best economic outcomes?


This hybrid session will take place in the Ministerial Stage and is available to all Ministerial Programme attendees. The session will also be live streamed via MyMWC. Please note that the GSMA Ministerial Programme is an invitation-only event. Find out more.

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