OpenRAN: A Vision of 5G & the Future of 6G


Mon, 28 Feb: 13:15 - 14:15 CET


MWC Stage A, Hall 5



Session Description

With 5G connections projected to reach two billion by 2025, organisations and governments are becoming increasing concerned and frustrated by a reliance on single vendors for the expansion of telecommunications infrastructure, and are leaning toward a more open and interoperable future with OpenRAN. In the short term, RAN hardware and software is the biggest outlay in wireless network architecture, but the long term the rewards of more choice, flexibility and innovation will outweigh the initial investments and OpenRAN will become an essential part of future mobile networks. This session will explore the interoperability standards needed for OpenRAN and what solutions are available now and in the near future to aid the deployment of 5G and ensure the future of 6G. 

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