Open RAN Deployment: NTTDoCoMo Perspectives and Xilinx Solutions


Tuesday, 29 June: 15:30 - 16:30


My MWC Online, Hall Virtual



Session Description

In this 60-minute session, join Xilinx and NTT DOCOMO to discuss how to prepare for Open RAN (O-RAN) from both an operator perspective and a technology deployment viewpoint. 
NTT DOCOMO O-RAN STRATEGY | Sadayuki Abeta, Vice President and General Manager, NTT DOCOMO Inc.
During the first part of the session NTT DOCOMOM will discuss the launch of the 5G service from March 2020 with fully multi-vendor interoperable RAN with O-RAN FH interface. NTT DOCOMO uses multiple equipment vendors for both CU/DU and RUs, with all the CUs connected to their 4G eNB via X2 interface with an O-RAN profile. New RU vendors are added to support new frequency bands using a ‘best-of-breed’ approach. NTT DOCOMO established an O-RAN ecosystem with 12 partners, including Xilinx, to accelerate the deployment of O-RAN technologies around the world.
NTT DOCOMO will cover:
-  NTT DOCOMO’s position within the O-RAN ecosystem 
-  The benefits O-RAN offers the industry 
-  How to select the best vendors for different deployment scenarios
-  Why NTT DOCOMO established an O-RAN ecosystem
Enabling Competitive Open RAN Solutions | Anthony Collins, Director of Product Management for RF, Xilinx Inc 
The increasing adoption of O-RAN represents a significant opportunity for the industry. Xilinx is well positioned to support the development and deployment of O-RAN technologies, offering the most comprehensive range of devices and platforms for 5G radio, fronthaul and hardware acceleration solutions on the market today. 
In this session Xilinx will discuss:
-  How to build a competitive O-RU
   -  Competitive merchant silicon for radio
   -  Advanced signal processing IP and RF solutions
-  The importance of a flexible radio silicon platform
   -  Accelerating time to market and innovation 
   -  Enabling focused and optimized radio solutions
-  Telco Accelerators for COTS based vRAN
   -  FPGA based acceleration & offload for x86
-  Reducing RAN OPEX and CAPEX
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