GSMA Ministerial Programme

Network Investment: Delivering the Digital Revolution


Tue, 28 Feb: 10:00 - 11:15 CET


Ministerial Stage, CC5, Upper Walkway



Session Description

Please note that sessions at the GSMA Ministerial Programme are accessible to those delegates invited to attend the Programme only.
Digital connectivity is at the heart of transforming economies and societies. To deliver this digital revolution, mobile operators must continually invest to maintain, expand and evolve their networks. Mobile data traffic is forecast to be four times greater than the volume seen in 2020, requiring operators to expand network capacity. Yet the return on investment in infrastructure for network operators was far lower, raising concerns due to pressure on operators to keep investing CAPEX at rates of up to 20% of revenue. There is increasing debate about how to address the challenges that are squeezing the mobile sector. This session will explore how to deliver high-performance digital connectivity - — for decades to come. - and achieve the goals of the digital revolution.

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