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MVNO Summit: Building Sustainable MVNO Businesses


Wed, 1 Mar: 16:00 - 18:30 CET



Theatre 6, Hall 7



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Some reports suggest that worldwide only 20% of the conceived MVNOs survive… so what does it take to create the ultimate, sustainable, MVNO business model? What factors come into play when prioritising your virtual network attributes and industry-play? What differentiates the leaders from the followers… and the failures? Which are the industry partnerships that matter most?


In this inaugural MWC MVNO Summit you will hear from pioneering MVNOs that have implemented innovative business models and commercial sustainability that has allowed them to not just survive, but to be hugely successful. We will also hear from those businesses that have diversified their core offering, building up an MVNO arm to scale and differentiate. And we will hear from the wider ecosystem as to what defines a successful MVNO partnership.


Welcome & introductions - Julia Gullstrand

Supercharge your MVNO with personalization - Danielle Royston, Totogi

From innovation to diversification, 23 years of resilience in the telecom market - Jacques Bonifay, Transatel

Digital-first: supercharging consumer and IoT connectivity for MVNOs - Kim Juchem, Truphone

MVNO… what is the secret source? - Gerry McQuaid, Cubic Telecom

MVNO’s role in the future of sustainable IoT - Ross Gray, Semtech

Navigating beyond Connectivity: IoT MVNO Landscape & Outlook - Steffen Sorrell, Kaleido Intelligence

Panel: Opportunities and threats to long-term MVNO success - All speakers


Immediately following the MVNO Summit, our Gold Sponsor, Totogi, is hosting a SUPERCHARGED FIESTA.
They will provide transportation to Barcelona's famous nightclub, Luz de Gas, where you will enjoy specialty cocktails, local beer and wine tastings, haute Spanish cuisine  a DJ and more! An exclusive invitation will be waiting for you in Hall 7 Theatre 6 on Wednesday at 16:00.

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