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Wed, 1 Mar: 14:30 - 16:30 CET



Theatre 3, Hall 7

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Session Description

Humanizing Digital Experience with Artificial Intelligence (14:30 to 15:30)


Moderator - 

Padma Ravichander, CEO , Tecnotree


Speakers - 

Matthew Sanchez, Global Chief Data and AI Officer, Tecnotree

Rick Lievano, CTO, WW Telecommunication Industry, Microsoft

Nikos Angelopoulos, Group CIO, MTN

Christopher Silberberg, Research Manager, IDC

Priya Thakoor, Senior Vice President, Digital and Product, Airtel Africa


In a rapidly digitalizing world, humanizing the customer experience is more important than ever before. As customer interactions move increasingly online, it is important for organizations to remember the human element in customer experience. For example, in healthcare a seamless end-to-end experience can be provided by enhancing interactions between the healthcare provider and patients across various touchpoints including multiple partner products and services, billing and payment channels . From choosing healthcare providers or scheduling appointments, to diagnosis and treatment, retention at each stage can be improved multi-fold by using innovative customer experience platforms.

Humanizing digital interactions today means making the customer experience more humanlike and not static. The experience should be personalised, intuitive and easy to use, and at the same time it should also connect with the user on an emotional level. By focusing on the entire customer journey, from purchase to support, telecom companies can create more seamless, human experiences.

Digital transformation is also meant to enhance customer relationship management through increased engagement, more cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, consistently evolving offerings to keep pace with changing customer needs and ensuring swift and seamless issue resolution using a multi-experience approach across physical and digital channels. AI-powered personalization results in creating customer profiles using shared and observed customer data which connects seamlessly with AI-powered models to predict behaviours and derive insights, resulting in higher customer engagement, experience and revenue.

5G Revenue monetization business models and platforms for non-linear growth (15:30 to 16:30)

Moderator - 

Jyoti Desai, Vice Chairman of Tecnotree Board

Speakers - 

Prianca Ravichander, Global Head of Marketing and Partnerships , Tecnotree

Bernardo Campillo, Head of Industry Partnerships for IoT and Big Data, Telefonica

Tiago Rocha, CMO, Zain Saudi

Natali Delic, Chief Strategy and Digital Officer, Telekom Srbija

Onur Ozdemir, CTO Microsoft MEA

David Saidden, Director of Strategic Partnerships, TikTok

The telecom industry is ripe for innovation with a number of opportunities, including increasing revenues, increasing competition, and exceeding customer expectations. IoT brings in new opportunities for evolving charging capabilities across multiple verticals such as healthcare, education, government as well as many B2B2X use cases with large and complex requirements. Telecom companies can use non-linear, real-time growth models to provide flexible & seamless pricing that enhances monetization and creates value by focusing on partner ecosystems and experiences.

To support rapid introduction of new products that require flexible charging models, many CSPs have started moving from prepaid online charging capability towards convergent charging systems which have been driven by the need to offer and charge complex digital bundles for 5G & IoT from an intelligent 5G catalogue of digital products and services. 

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