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Mobile Identity APIs: The Road to Success


Mon, 27 Feb: 11:30 - 12:30 CET


GSMA Programmes: CC7.1B, Hall 7



Session Description

Mobile identity APIs are delivering the next generation of mobile authentication, fraud detection and prevention. Solutions are available in many markets and benefit users across verticals. The mobile identity ecosystem will flourish through global expansion and key partnerships.
In this seminar, we'll hear from leading operators and industry partners about the solutions that are currently on the market. Speakers will feature mobile identity APIs such as Number Verify -- a SIM-based authentication solution, SIM swap protection, and more.
Discover the mobile identity strategy of leading mobile operators and industry partners. Find out how they navigate the unique mobile identity landscape, from technology through data protection to partnerships. Join us and be prepared for an interactive session that will propel your mobile identity business to the next level.

Session Speakers

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