Meetaverse Barcelona (MWC videogames day organized by DeviCAT)


Thursday, 01 July: 10:00 - 13:00


Auditorium A, Hall 3

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Since April 2017, the Catalonian association of video game development and publishing companies, DeviCAT, has been working in collaboration with the main national and international industrial, cultural and economic entities and institutions to accelerate the growth of an ecosystem of talent and companies that continues to attract investment and development opportunities to the region.


Currently there are 140 companies in Catalonia that employ more than 5,000 professionals and whose products annually generate more than 500 million euros in revenue. These figures represent practically half of the companies, and more than half of the turnover and employment of the entire Spanish territory, projecting Catalonia as one of the most important video game development poles in Europe.


Meetaverse Barcelona represents a unique opportunity to get to know this growing ecosystem and to connect with its main protagonists.


The event is produced by DeviCAT and has the collaboration of the Institute of Cultural Companies of the Generalitat of Catalonia (ICEC).


10:00am What's hot about Catalonia's gaming ecosystem
The panel tries to explain why so many international gaming companies have opened operations in the city/region in the last few years. It also discusses next steps and decisions to be taken to make the ecosystem even more attractive for potential investments, and how successful companies and projects could do/return more to help accelerate the growth.

Speaker lineup: Gina Tost (IGG), Yolanda Sánchez (Gameloft), Xavier Carrillo (Digital Legends), Oriol Canudas (King), David Fernández (Sandsoft)

10:45am More than mobile: Taking the big jump of AAA
Barcelona is home for some of the world's most outstanding companies and business profiles in mobile gaming. Following the growth in this platform, the ecosystem is now aiming for new challenges, creating and attracting top companies with very ambitious AAA projects and teams. We find out the reasons why this is happening and what are the challenges and opportunities of taking this step.

Speaker lineup:  Marie Therese Cordon (Ubisoft), Eduard Lopez Plans (IO Interactive), (Blitworks / Larian), Saul Gascón (Hexworks / CI Games), Oscar García (ENTI-UB)

11:30am Understanding the esports and video games content industry
Current videogames are experiences where users want to get involved not only as gamers but also as creators. As game companies are pushing the limits of their own medium to offer to their communities new possibilities to express their enthusiasm not only for their game, but also for their favorite brands and players, a whole new and innovative industry of digital experiences and content creation is emerging around them. Top execs and experts from this world share in this panel how it works.

Speaker lineup: Enric Cabestany (Funplus), Ana "Anouc" Oliveras (Squarebox), Alvaro “Alvaro845” Gonzalez (Team Queso), Sergi Mesonero (ISFE)

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