Industry City

Manufacturing Summit: Forging success through the power of partnerships


Mon, 27 Feb: 14:45 - 15:30 CET


Industry City Stage, Hall 4



Session Description

The fourth industrial revolution is still relatively early in the adoption phase, with enterprises looking to evaluate their options for increased automation and digital innovation.

Embarking on a digital transformation in the industrial sector is complex. Organisations may need guidance with how to get started, or find they do not have all of the in-house skills and experience required to deploy data-driven solutions and maximise the return on investment. Here is where the industrial ecosystem, which comprises expert organisations such as network operator and vendors, device manufactures, software & data management specialists, and system integrators, are collaborating to create valuable partnership and successful outcomes for the enterprise. 

Partnerships are increasingly being announced in the sector, scanning a broad range of topics, from Test Bed collaborations, to joint solution projects, to full network deployments in ports and manufacturing campuses.

Join us for this session where we learn more about the Industry 4.0 ecosystem, celebrate the power of partnerships, and hear from industry leaders sharing their experience of how cross-ecosystem cooperation has delivered transformational results. 

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