Industry City

Manufacturing Summit: Digital Reality in the Industrial Metaverse


Mon, 27 Feb: 16:00 - 16:45 CET


Industry City Stage, Hall 4



Session Description

The metaverse is a pervasive term that promises an immersive environment for activities including gaming, entertainment, and shopping, but it is not a consumer-only proposition. 

The industrial metaverse, while also in its very early days, promises an environment that combines augmented, virtual, and mixed reality (xR) technologies with the industrial IoT to deliver new opportunities for innovation. 

Today, digital twins are a first step towards the Industrial metaverse.  These comprehensive virtual data models, which create a perfect copy of the product and production process using IoT data, enable the enterprise to simulate, analyse and perfect changes and upgrades reducing risk and downtime. 

In the future of the industrial metaverse, augmented, virtual and mixed reality will enable remote collaboration with multiple users able to access the same data at the same time and interact with each other virtually, giving light to new use cases including remote maintenance, field worker training, and design collaboration.

Hear from our panel of expert speakers about the latest innovations in digital twin and the industrial metaverse.

Session Speakers

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