Keynote 1: Our Connected World


Monday, 28 June: 09:30 - 11:00


Keynote Stage, Hall 3



Session Description

Connectivity is at the heart of every home, business and economy impacted by Covid-19. Throughout the global lockdown, connectivity enabled many to live a life outside of the home - video conferencing family, creating new businesses, gaining access to healthcare, or watching the latest movies. All sectors adapted to a new way of living and as with every crisis, new opportunities emerged. Connectivity has become a key driver of economic recovery and with technology at its heart, the foundations are set to drive innovation further and deliver a proliferation of digital services across all industries. As the world begins to reopen, today we can finally begin to look to a future beyond covid. 

For our Chinese audience we please join us on the following link to view the session more seamlessly and in language 

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