Inspiring Mobile Business with Contextual Awareness, Reliable Connectivity and Robust Security from Infineon


Monday, 28 June: 10:30 - 11:30 CEST


My MWC Online, Hall Virtual



Session Description

Delivering the Full Potential of 5G
Digitalization is one of the defining trends of our time, transforming all areas of life and potentially providing innovative answers to the key challenges facing society, including climate change and population growth. We are rapidly moving towards a world where almost all “things” will be connected.
In this 60-minute session, we are pleased to present our extensive portfolio of powerful products and solutions shaping this connected future as the IoT transitions from vision to reality. 
A future where technology is unobtrusively and seamlessly embedded into our lives. Where people, machines and devices around the world can connect quickly, reliably, and securely. Where people will be able to easily integrate any device into a private network – without a master’s degree in IT. Where it feels like smart devices can intuitively understand what we want from them. 
Sounds too good to be true? Well it’s already happening! Thanks to microelectronics. All of this connectivity is being enabled by powerful, reliable and robust electronic devices. Tiny devices that are making everyday “things” such as wearables, cars and industrial machines “smarter” so they can interact with their environments. 
Our MWC 2021 show is packed full of inspiring keynotes, expert talks and exciting insights into how our latest microelectronics solutions are bringing 
-  Human-like senses to “things” for contextual awareness; 
-  5G to the IoT for reliable connectivity; and 
-  Robust security and integrity to all connected networks and devices. 
Join our host Jasmin Pour and her rather entertaining sidekick Roboy 3.0 for an exciting session lineup, starting with a keynote from Dr. Helmut Gassel (Member of the Board and CMO at Infineon Technologies) as he shares his thoughts on how Infineon is making the IoT work. 
Stay tuned and prepare to be inspired!

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