Impact Programme (I): Women, Entrepreneurship & the Digital Economy in the Arab States


Mon, 28 Feb: 15:00 - 15:20 CET



Banco Sabadell Stage, Hall 6 - 4YFN



Session Description

Despite the high proportion of women STEM graduates in the Arab States (ranging from 34% to 57% of all STEM graduates by country), women face a number of challenges when it comes to applying these skills in the labour market. Women’s labour force participation remains very low in the region overall, especially so in STEM. Entrepreneurship offers an important entry point for women looking to harness emerging opportunities in STEM, and the digital and technology sectors have opened up opportunities for women to access information, programmes, services, finance, and markets that they may otherwise not have had access to. In this session, two founders of digital startups and the United Nations Development Programme in the Arab States will discuss how they are overcoming these obstacles.  


Session Speakers

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