Future of Multimodal Travel


Mon, 28 Feb: 16:15 - 17:00 CET


The MWC Broadcast Stage, Hall 4



Session Description

In the last two years, travel both domestic and international has never taken such a massive blow, but as travel becomes a part of our lives again, and with the increased deployment of 5G, the opportunities to innovate travel have never been more exciting. People are now looking for simple multimodal door-to-door - contactless travel options that offer them time and money saving eco-friendly travel. This panel discussion will examine multimodal use cases and solutions such as integrated ticketing apps that could revolutionise the way people travel, giving them up to date travel information at their fingertips and of course providing the transport industry customers travel data that can be collected and shared amongst the organisations, helping them to improve their planning, scheduling, forecasting. All of which will lead to cost savings and reduced carbon footprints for the industry and travellers alike. 

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