Future of Mobile Summit


Tue, 1 Mar: 15:00 - 19:00 CET



Theatre 4, Hall 7



Session Description

15:00 - The Future of Messaging in Partnership with Sinch
The journey SMS has taken since its beginning in 1992 is unmatched .Today messaging has become a commerce platform, an authentication tool, an alert system. What new applications will be included in this? Will the apps be replaced by messaging bots? Will social media merge with messaging? Key industry players will join to define the next chapter in messaging.
16:00 - Trust in Mobile in Partnership with GMS - Global Message Services
The future of the industry rests on the ability to deliver a good and secure experience. The industry is at a cross road with key issues mounting on Privacy, IoT and Phishing
17:00 - The Future of Identity and Authentication
Digitising personal information is changing our ways of identifying persons and managing relations. What used to be a" natural" identity, is now as virtual. The wave of digitalisation has seen the first steps in embracing identity and authentication, but we are living only the first steps of an important journey. Join experts and professional in the field.
17:50 - RCS 360
RCS messaging solution has developed further and it is time to review across all stakeholders what is status on the upgrade path of SMS. As the competition from multiple OTT solutions grows on business communication what is happening to this platform?  The invited speakers will report on numbers, issues and success.
Established in 2000, The Mobile Ecosystem Forum is a global trade body that acts as an impartial and authoritative champion for addressing issues affecting the broadening mobile ecosystem.  We provide our members with a global and cross-sector platform for networking, collaboration and advancing industry solutions.
The goal is to accelerate the growth of a sustainable mobile ecosystem that drives inclusion for all and delivers trusted services that enrich the lives of consumers worldwide.

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