GSMA Ministerial Programme

For the Benefit of Billions: WRC-23 and Spectrum for Growth


Tue, 28 Feb: 16:15 - 17:30 CET


Ministerial Stage, CC5, Upper Walkway



Session Description

Please note that sessions at the GSMA Ministerial Programme are accessible to those delegates invited to attend the Programme only.


Governments and regulators can use a successful WRC-23 to develop thriving and competitive communications markets and help to ensure that no-one is left behind in a digital age. WRC-23 can deliver affordable 5G across the world.
Mobile is used by over 5 billion people worldwide every day. It creates business opportunities, connects us with loved ones and provides healthcare and education. The speed and quality of mobile are directly linked to spectrum and increasing capacity for mobile at WRC-23 will lead to better services delivered from less costly, more sustainable networks. Additional low-band spectrum can deliver broad and affordable connectivity, building bridges towards digital inclusion. Mid-band expansion can drive city-wide 5G, transforming industries and delivering mobile services that are an asset to their countries, ensuring their industrial agility in the global marketplace. 
This session will consider the possibilities of WRC-23 and consider how it can be used for the benefit of billions.


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