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eSIM Summit: eSIM to Power Connected Devices


Wed, 1 Mar: 09:30 - 11:30 CET



Theatre 6, Hall 7



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All new smartphone models launched by Apple since 2018 have eSIM capability, but the iPhone 14 is the first to completely drop a physical SIM slot, albeit only on US models. To coincide with this, US operators are taking steps to raise awareness of eSIM services. For example, T-Mobile US announced that customers with unlocked eSIM-capable phones can now switch from other operators to T-Mobile through the new Easy Switch feature on the T-Mobile app.
According to GSMA Intelligence research, the total number of eSIM smartphones, tablets and smartwatches commercially available for purchase reached 127 in June 2022 – a fivefold increase on December 2018. Despite this, consumer awareness of eSIM technology remains low. The GSMA Intelligence Consumers in Focus Survey 2021 shows that less than 30% of consumers (on average across eight major countries analysed) are aware of eSIM – a clear barrier to adoption. The launch of eSIM-only phones and initiatives by operators to enhance the user experience for eSIM activation/onboarding should help boost consumer awareness and adoption.




eSIM Summit Introduction:

eSIM Summit – Welcome
Speaker: Pablo Iacopino, Head of Research and Commercial Content at GSMA Intelligence, GSMA

09.30 – 09.40
eSIM Marketing Research
Speaker: Pablo Iacopino, Head of Research and Commercial Content at GSMA Intelligence, GSMA

Part 1 – Platinum Sponsors:

09.40 – 10.00
eSIM: The future of IoT Connectivity
The ability of eSIM to support device deployment longevity with a future-proofed approach to connectivity, the single-SKU delivery of a broad ecosystem of deployed devices, and a global approach to roaming restrictions are at the heart of this technology advancing in the IoT sector. Validate, Deploy, and Manage eSIM powered devices with KORE as we discuss connectivity for the business of today.
Speaker: Romil Bahl, KORE President and CEO, KORE

10.00 – 10.15
eSIM: Enabling the Age of Zero-Touch Provisioning
Moderator: Niklas EkarvHead of IoT Connectivity & strategic alliances

Panellist: Daniel Quant, VP of Strategic Development, MultiTech

10.15 – 10.35
Unlock the full potential of eSIM for cost reduction and a greener connectivity
eSIM technology is more than ever a cornerstone in the connectivity landscape, and there’s no doubt anymore that it will expand tremendously among end-users. For mobile operators, eSIM comes with many opportunities to deliver best-in-class eSIM activation experience, to significantly reduce costs and to minimize the environmental impact of connectivity services.

Considering the great potential of eSIM, Mikkel Escartin, IDEMIA VP Digital Connectivity Solutions, will walk you through how IDEMIA takes eSIM services to the next level to:

- Optimize your eSIM inventory management and processes
- Don’t trash your eSIM Profiles, update and recycle them
- Scale your eSIM business with a limited impact on the planet

Speaker: Mikkel Escartin, VP Digital Solutions Business Line, IDEMIA

10.35 – 10.50
IDEMIA’s Standalone session

Part 2 – Gold Sponsors:

10.50 – 11.10
Expand your vision through unlimited opportunities enabled by the eSIM
Supporting the digital touchless connectivity massive deployments, the eSIM is at its best moment to provide an optimized experience both for consumers and IoT use-cases.  From seamless connectivity access and management to ultra-secure channels from the edge to the cloud,   get inspired by Thales experience of the eSIM power through innovative use-cases already in the field, and vision.
Speaker: Benjamin Mazet, Product Line Manager of the On-Demand Connectivity vertical, THALES

Speaker: Alisha Rodrigues, Associate director CX and Product Development, CSM, Visible

11.10  – 11.30
Democratising digital connectivity: how eSIM is fuelling an invisible revolution
Speaker: Kim Juchem, Director of Sofware and Wholesale, TRUPHONE

eSIM Summit – Closing Session

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