Esim seminar: unveiling the power of esim


Tuesday, 29 June: 10:00 - 12:30


My MWC Online, Hall Virtual



Session Description

This eSIM Seminar will stream focused speeches, panels and live Q&A sessions to help you discover how eSIM is reaching its full potential and what a bright journey is still to come. This edition will be divided in two sections, the first one dedicated to ‘eSIM and iSIM: technology adoption’ and the second one to ‘eSIM: creating confidence for new technologies’.

During the ‘eSIM and iSIM: technology adoption’ section we will hear the successful story of a the first  National platform serving Saudi Arabia M(V)NOs overcoming challenges of integrity and interoperability as well as how iSIM is the booster of eSIM technology adoption working just like an eSIM and fostering the adoption of eSIM in all cellular devices, opening additional services deployment.

As part of the ‘eSIM: creating confidence for new technologies’ section we will hear from eSIM industry experts and stakeholders about eSIM in the context of Private Networks. Providing the connectivity and security required with 5G cellular connectivity in the consumer case as well as in the industrial / enterprise case and some future oriented use cases to build a smarter and more secure world with eSIM technology.

Industry experts will discuss:
- eSIM is at a Turning Point
- iSIM as a cross Industry Business Enabler
- The impact of the iSIM in the market
- Why is eSIM so innovative?
- Securely onboarding of IoT devices
- eSIM is transforming private 5G Networks
- Cross-industry transformation due to the eSIM
- GSMA certification

Session Speakers

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