Driving impact through aligned decision-making and measurement & esg disclosure: a story of digital inclusion


Mon, 28 Feb: 12:00 - 12:45 CET


The MWC Broadcast Stage, Hall 4



Session Description

Mobile has significant potential to accelerate the SDGs particularly by addressing the barriers to digital inclusion, and mobile operators are working hard to advance a more inclusive economy. But to ensure a company delivers the maximum impact where it is needed most, they need to ask two questions: “What is the problem we’re trying to solve?”, and “How do we transparently and effectively measure and communicate impact?” The GSMA and UNDP are working to provide companies with the tools to answer these questions. During this session, we will hear about the two organisations’ efforts to develop unique tools for impact measurement, industry ESG reporting frameworks and management standards for guiding strategy and approach. We will also hear from Mobile Network Operators about their strategies and practices for aligning their operations with the Sustainable Development Goals.  The discussion will focus specifically on the issue of digital inclusion, with an exploration of the challenges (ranging from usage gap to user protection to AI biases) and approaches for managing and measuring impact. The panel discussion will also look at the power of a metric in motivating alignment and driving impact and will call on MNOs to adopt the industry digital inclusion metrics The GSMA and UNDP are currently working on together to define. It has never been more evident that mobile connectivity is vitally important for driving social and economic impact, and this session explores the tools and thinking available for maximising that impact to its fullest potential. 

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