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Do we sell too many phones? how to create more value out of fewer devices and hit net zero targets.

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Mon, 27 Feb: 17:00 - 18:00 CET



GSMA Programmes: CC7.1B, Hall 7



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80% of the climate impact of a mobile phone has happened before it’s taken out of the box. This presents one of the biggest environmental impacts of the mobile industry – what to do with mobile devices? It also presents a great opportunity – to create a circular economy and turn waste into value.


The GSMA working with a project group of 28 mobile operators from around the globe has produced a vision for this circular economy for 2050 to help drive the industry towards a sustainable future. A future where devices have as long a lifetime as possible, where they are made with 100% recyclable and recycled content using 100% renewable energy and where no device ends up as waste.


This session will cover:


- What it means to have a sustainable mobile device

- How to move to a more circular economy for devices, where the impacts are minimised

- How manufacturers, network operators, policymakers and recyclers/ refurbishers can best collaborate to accelerate the transition

- Data needed for the transition, and data gaps

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