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Digital Identity: Towards a New Paradigm?


Mon, 27 Feb: 13:00 - 14:00 CET


GSMA Programmes: CC7.1B, Hall 7



Session Description

The recent pace of digital transformation has dramatically increased the demand for digital identity, while simultaneously highlighting the challenges of the current digital identity paradigm. In response, innovative solutions have thrived. Digital service providers increasingly have new options to verify users' identities. However, as users' digital lives grow, these disparate implementations across digital services increase the burden on users. Institutions face a complex balancing act between protecting themselves against fraud and cybersecurity risks while also avoiding inconveniencing users and feeding into data privacy concerns.

Structural evolutions might redefine the digital identity paradigm. International initiatives are underway to equip citizens with digital identity wallets. With intended applications beyond public services, will this trigger mainstream adoption of reusable identity? In time, digital identity will need to meet renewed challenges from the metaverse and Web 3.0. How will users trust who they interact with and protect their digital assets against fraud?
In this seminar, we will examine major trends and their implications for digital identity and the mobile industry. We will also consider mobile industry opportunities as the identity landscape shifts and new identity ecosystems emerge.

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