Digital Health & Wellness Summit – TECH4CARE


Tuesday, 29 June: 14:00 - 15:30 CEST


Agora Stage, Hall 2



Session Description

14:00 – 14:45 AI in Health: Use-Cases & Trustworthiness


AI is another example of technology bringing clear disruptions in all sectors. In the healthcare domain, AI is already offering promising gains through various use-cases such as in personalised medicine, medical imaging, optimisation of care processes within hospitals and care centres, public health studies and interventions, etc. Nevertheless, the deployment of AI in routine care requires its compliance with regulatory frameworks and ethical principles, as well as garantees of robustness and performance. Following the European initiative around the "Trustworthy AI" framework and self-assessment, number of companies are nowadays adopting ethical approaches for their AI developments. This session will give an overview of the practical applications of AI in health, as well as of the models that can be used in order to build trustable and reliable AI systems.


Jorge Juan Fernández García, Director of Innovation , EIT Health

Rachel Dunscombe, CEO, NHS Digital Academy & Principal, Tektology

Gemma  Galdon Clavell, Founder & CEO, Eticas Research & Consulting


14:45 – 15:30 Digital & Brain


The digital transformation of healthcare is having major impact on all domains. The fields of neurosciences and neurology are by no means a stranger to the digital revolution. Whether we are talling about neurodegenerative diseases or mental health conditions, one of the most complex organ we have, our brain, can benefit from digital technologies to improve our health and our quality of life. On the mental health side, multiple recent publications showed a clear increase in psychologic and psychiatric care consumption, and experts predict the "mental health wave" after the pandemic. Would digital play a role in this new challenge? This session will be the opportunity to present innovations and use-cases as well as discussing the upcoming development.


Ana Maiques, CEO & Founder, Neuroelectrics

Francesc Xavier Arrufat Nebot, Psychiatrist and Director, Hospital Universitari Institut Pere Mata

Charlie Pearmund, CEO, Virtual Bodyworks


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