Digital Future Society Summit - Humanism in the Digital Age. Debating today for a better future


Monday, 28 June: 15:00 - 17:30 CET


Keynote Stage, Hall 3



Session Description

Digital Future Society is organizing a top-notch hybrid event that will take place within the Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2021, in collaboration with the Secretary of State for Digitalization & Artificial Intelligence (SEDIA), from the Government of Spain.

The current global crisis –involving health, societal and economic matters- has raised profound lines of questioning on the future of humanity in the digital era. The event aims to present possible courses of action to solve the great challenges that have arisen this digital emergency from a humanist perspective. Technology is driving disruptions, and public and private actors need to understand the meaning and consequences of these changes, and build effective dialogues to set new rules, frameworks, and aspirations to secure that technology works for people.

These actions and priorities need to rely on an accurate understanding on the implications of the digital era for the future of humanity. The event will gather top-leading thinkers –such as Yuval Noah Harari or José Luís Arsuaga-, who will discuss what are the macro-trends and history to situate the future of the digital era from the evolution on humankind, and thus help define the long-term challenges we are facing.

The endeavour is a shared commitment, and it is pursued globally. At a European level, the reconciliation between technological progress and social needs is a solid aim for the EU. That is why, the event will hold a session to outline how Europe is preparing the future of the digital age and the role EU needs to play, with a particular focus on the ethical and human implications of artificial intelligence and big data.

This scenario demands strong political leadership. In this sense, the Government of Spain will present the efforts is conducting in setting up a front-running framework of rights in"Charter of Digital Rights for Spain" to make meaningful a forward-looking perspective on how the digital era can create safe and empowering conditions for citizens.

The event gathers key stakeholders from public administration, private sector, activists, as the best way to work together on building a more sustainable, equitable and inclusive digital agenda.

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