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Wed, 1 Mar: 15:00 - 18:00 CET


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DIGITAL FUTURE SOCIETY SUMMIT: Building Trust in the Digital Sphere

The Digital Future Society Summit 2023 is an event promoted by Digital Future Society, a program by Mobile World Capital Barcelona and with the support of the State Secretariat for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence (SEDIA) from the Government of Spain. The event has the aim to transmit clarity and global insights about the necessary steps towards a digital transition based on the respect to human rights, ethics and security with the objective to build an equitable and sustainable digital era.

Relationship between society and technology is constantly evolving and transforming, and the impacts one causes to other affect from human daily life decisions to the global agreements for the future of the planet. For instance, the rise of our expectation on digital and machines solutions to many of our society problems, since the ones focused on individual’s health to the ones that could tackle the planet main challenges, generate many opportunities once it also enhances the constant improvement toward technologies and digitalization. On the other side, the constant digital interaction and the intensifying use of new immersive realities exposes society to many challenges.

People need to feel safe in their online interactions whatever the digital sphere they use, and as long as current digital transformation brings many opportunities, it must be built upon trust, security and privacy. Therefore, it arises lines of questioning about the ethics, inclusivity and rights, and it is our responsibility as active players of the building of these new online environments to sort out the conflicts and contradictions inherent to all the changes happening right now. New technological disruptions such as immersive realities, artificial intelligence, etc., present new vulnerabilities and it is of upmost priority for public and private actors to understand the implications and risks to ensure trustworthy frameworks and rules.

The event brings international thinkers, leaders and doers to explore how we might design and use the new technologies and digital innovations for a better quality of life and a sustainable environment, by placing people and the planet at the centre of technological innovations.

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