Data in an Age of Intelligence


Tuesday, 29 June: 14:30 - 15:45


Ministerial Programme - CC4.1, Hall Upper Walkway



Session Description

In a digital future defined by 5G, robotics, artificial intelligence and big data analytics, a fresh approach is required to ensure policies and regulation work effectively for an expanding digital ecosystem.  Data is at the heart of any economy or ecosystem, and mobile operators have shown the true power of aggregating and anonymising data over the last 12 months by supporting governments and public health organisations in responding to COVID-19. While there is more to be done, a regulatory framework that enables the benefits of data is vital, as is clarity on processes and principles that must be followed. With the increasing role technology now plays in everyday life, so too must the protection of personal data of citizens who expect their digital data to be kept private, even in times of crisis. This session will discuss lessons learnt during the pandemic, economies of scale when rebuilding markets through data, and looking into the future, the emerging AI ecosystem.


- Did the pandemic experience reveal any scalable and sustainable use cases for mobile network metadata? What regulatory enablers are needed to realise the full benefits?

- Could emerging AI regulations, such as in Europe, restrict the development of mobile data use cases?

- Are digital rights charters changing the narrative on data privacy?


This in-person only session will take place in the Ministerial Stage, located inside the GSMA Ministerial Programme. Please note that the GSMA Ministerial Programme is an invitation-only event. Find out more.

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