Data-driven digital health ecosystem: the OpenEHR model


Tuesday, 29 June: 17:30 - 18:30


Workshop Room, Hall 2



Session Description

Nowadays, information systems for patient data collection and clinical information share the need for an architecture and repository based on accurate and standardized clinical language. This element is key for a satisfying experience of users – professionals and citizens – in all their interactions with the health system tools, facilitating updates and innovations of any health provider Electronic Health Record (EHR) related application and centralizing patient’s personal health data.
OpenEHR is the international open source standard for the specific design of clinical information models in electronic medical records. Using its own language (archetype definition language), this reference model makes it possible to develop archetypes enabling to collect and manage clinical data throughout the life cycle of the information system.
This workshop will be focused on the strategic decision of Catalonia to build a new EHR based on openEHR, which means that, Catalonia will become the most populated European region choosing open platforms as a solution for the future of its model of health information systems.

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