GSMA Ministerial Programme

Conversations with Experts - What’s new in IoT?


Tue, 28 Feb: 15:50 - 16:05 CET



Open Stage, CC4, Upper Walkway



Session Description

Please note that sessions at the GSMA Ministerial Programme are accessible to those delegates invited to attend the Programme only.


Sessions in our Open Stage are 15min conversations with experts on a specific topic, and scheduled during break times.


The Internet of Things (IoT) holds tremendous promise for citizens, consumers, businesses and governments. Made up of machines, devices and appliances connected to the internet through multiple networks, IoT has the means to shrink healthcare costs, reduce carbon emissions, increase access to education, improve transportation safety and much more. This informal discussion looks at examples of new things in IoT: the use of satellite connectivity or HAPS, what 3GPP call it NTN

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