GSMA Ministerial Programme

Conversations with Experts - What is your AI superpower?


Wed, 1 Mar: 15:50 - 16:05 CET



Open Stage, CC4, Upper Walkway



Session Description

Please note that sessions at the GSMA Ministerial Programme are accessible to those delegates invited to attend the Programme only.
Sessions in our Open Stage are 15min conversations with experts on a specific topic, and scheduled during break times.


Join us for an informal chat between Mojca Cargo, Senior Manager, AI for Impact, GSMA, Ieva Martinkenaite, SVP Head of Research and Innovation at Telenor and Richard Benjamins, Chief AI and Data strategist at Telefónica to learn more about the wonders AI can do within and outside mobile operators. We will briefly discuss range of AI use cases, including those where AI can address pressing global challenges. We will also learn more about Responsible AI by design and close the session with a thought provoking question: “What is required to Unleash the power of AI and to achieve AI Superpower”?

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