Children’s Rights and the Telecommunications Industry: Where Do We Stand, Where Are We Going


Tue, 1 Mar: 09:00 - 10:30 CET


MWC Stage A, Hall 5



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Where does the telecommunications industry stand when it comes to children’s rights?


Find out as the Global Child Forum in partnership with the Boston Consulting Group launches it’s new report: The State of Children’s Rights and Business - Technology & Telecommunications Sector. Where we’ve assessed 252 of the largest Tech & Telecommunication companies in the world. We will be marking the occasion by also publicly publishing every company’s children’s rights and business score from the report. *


The children’s rights agenda has grown substantially within the industry over the last decade and we can see several companies have redefined themselves as children's rights champions and advocates.


However, our report identifies several important gaps and opportunities for companies to act on.


Join us and hear more from this latest report—the largest ever of its kind for the tech and telecom industries—and from some of the leading voices in the industry who will be making the business case for incorporating children’s rights into one’s business operations.


Our data shows that companies that have integrated children’s rights throughout their operations and material business processes can point towards increased brand value and stronger reputational claims, increased legitimacy across operations globally and can lay claim to contributing to more sustainable and inclusive markets.


*The Benchmark Report is based on publicly available material from each company benchmarked. The data found is then compiled against 27 indicators based on the 10 Children’s Rights and Business Principles and finally integrated into three different relevant business areas: Workplace, Marketplace and Community and Environment—before being given a weighted overall score. See more about our methodology here.

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