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Monday, 28 June: 13:00 - 13:30


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5G The Next Best Thing

Businesses will continue to roll out the next phase of 5G to enable better employee productivity & machine efficiency. Consumers won’t experience the full realization of this technology for a while until 5G networks, carriers and infrastructure are more commonplace. Lenovo announced the Yoga 5G, the world’s first 5G PC equipped with ultra-fast connectivity, reduced latency and wider bandwidth even in crowded areas. The ultra-portable 2-in-1 laptop allows users to stay mobile with an all-day performance of up to 24 hours of battery life. The strategic partnerships with mobile operators like Verizon, EE and Swisscom on 5G will be a critical step forward in advancing smarter connectivity, productivity and entertainment for more people.


Gianfranco Lanci, President & COO, Lenovo
Cristiano Amon, President & CEO Elect, Qualcomm


IoT Solutions to Make the World Safer

IoT Goes Primetime and Connects Consumer-Facing Industries
The Internet of Things, enabled by 5G, is having its moment with digital transformation being accelerated due to COVID-19. The cornerstone verticals of real estate and retail, where people spend their most time, are starting now to see the practical outcomes of IoT. Work and shopping won’t look the same in five years. Lenovo’s Commercial Internet of Things Business Group shares how to overcome the traditional challenge of making IoT practical at scale and what frameworks should be considered in merging technology solutions beyond a business’ IT function.


John Gordon, President, Commercial IoT Group, Lenovo
Andrew Millar, CEO, Relogix


The Global Pandemic has been a Catalyst for Accelerated Digital Transformation

The global health crisis abruptly changed the way we work, learn, shop and receive healthcare, prompting institutions to more rapidly adopt new technologies for remote collaboration and learning, virtual health and smart retail. In a post-COVID ‘new normal’, many of the changes forced on enterprises will remain, either by necessity or because new behaviours led to positive outcomes. The C-suite and boardrooms are under pressure to re-examine their technology stacks to stay competitive by optimizing for more distributed workforces and customers, exponentially growing data sources, and customers’ ever rising expectations for personalized services and experiences.

Speaking broadly, as well as divide into specific verticals and solutions, regarding market demands and the adoption of new technologies. For example:


-  AR technologies have tremendous potential for increasing productivity of dispersed workforces – but customers first must overcome the challenges of scaling new AR tech across the enterprise, this is the primary focus of Lenovo’s Commercial AR/VR team - ThinkReality.  Jon can speak to how ThinkReality customers are using the cloud and device-agnostic AR/VR platform to help transform their businesses by empowering workers with remote assistance, collaboration using 3D modelling, and more.


-  A wide range of solutions for education as schools accelerate distance and hybrid learning programs, including VR classrooms & field trips, digital classroom management tools, and Lenovo’s end-to-end esports solutions for schools & universities.


Jon Pershke, Vice President, Strategy & Emerging Business Development, Lenovo
Scott Parent, CTO of Digital Solutions, Baker Hughes


Foldable Futures

With foldable devices at the forefront of tech trendsetters’ purchasing decisions, laptop productivity will collide with smartphone portability in 2020. Foldable displays will bring bigger screens and greater variety of form factors than ever before. To that end, business leaders will continue to provide smarter technology, such as foldable displays, that enable seamless work/life integration or be left behind in a rapidly involving ecosystem. As workers travel more, work remotely more and companies become increasingly global, employees will seek technology that enables fast, efficient and easy experiences that don’t feel like a burden both in the way they work and how they look. Lenovo’s Intelligent Devices Group believes that foldable devices will reshape portability and portability.


Daryl Cromer, Chief Technology Officer, Advanced Innovation Center, Lenovo


Providing Easy-to-Use Connectivity in the World’s Hardest to Connect Places

Jangala’s mission is to enable internet access for people in need of urgent humanitarian aid or longer-term development assistance – disaster zones, projects in remote areas etc. The story can be about how they provide easy-to-use connectivity in the world’s hardest to connect places, so that technology can be used for education and health. Without their Big Box device, Lenovo’s laptops and cell phones are useless to the people who need them most.


Rich Thnaki, Co-Founder, Jangala

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