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Wed, 2 Mar: 09:00 - 16:00 CET


CC1.1, Hall 1



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Open to all passholders. Pre-registration is NOT required.
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AWS is how communications service providers (CSPs) are reinventing communications.
AWS brings the most advanced and secure cloud infrastructure, fastest rate of innovation, and deepest telecom partner ecosystem to differentiate and cloudify your business. Together, we are innovating and building secure and scalable software driven networks, simplifying operations and reimagining the customer experience to accelerate tomorrow’s growth.  Join us to learn how AWS is reinventing communications, together with CSPs around the world.
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Networks, Cloudified
5G network transformation including hybrid and multi-cloud solutions
1. Using AWS Outposts to roll out cloud-native 5G networks
2. AWS mobile private networks
3. End-to-end security for public 5G networks using AWS security services
4. End-to-end observability for public 5G networks with AWS monitoring services
5. Automated deployment of public 5G networks using AWS DevOps tools
Operations, simplified
BSS, OSS, and enterprise IT innovation
1. Improving agility & efficiency using next-generation cloud-native billing
2. Serverless OSS on AWS for near-real-time network performance and insights
3. Redefining digital & operational abilities with serverless BSS/OSS on AWS
4. Monetizing 5G enterprise use cases with cloud-native digital commerce on AWS
5. Accelerating the DSP journey using BSS orchestration on ROSA
6. Unifying 5G service orchestration from network edge to the cloud using AWS
Customer experience, reimagined
Data, AI/ML, Customer Experience, Communication as a Service (CaaS), 
Amazon Connect
1. Drive viewer engagement using personalized content discovery and insights
2. Accelerating data-driven outcomes via a telecom data mesh
3. Transforming customer experience using 5G customer insights
4. Using ML-based analysis on AWS to optimize 5G RAN
5. Simplify operations and use ML to monetize media workloads with AWS
Growth, unlocked
Innovation factory: IoT, Wireline & Cable, Private Networks, Edge, and 
Digital Innovation
1. Mobile edge computing with AWS Wavelength
2. Revolutionizing industrial automation with robotics and private 5G
3. Private mobile networks for predictive maintenance and computer vision use cases
4. Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) for the modern telco
5. Monetize TV services with subscriber-targeted advertising

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