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Tue, 1 Mar: 10:00 - 18:00 CET



CC1.1, Hall 1



Session Description

These sessions are open to all passholders. Pre-registration is NOT required and seating is first come, first served.
All are welcome to attend. Please join us for theatre sessions by visiting the AWS Village Theater (South Entrance | Upper Walkway | CC1.1) at the start time of the session. 
The theatre has a capacity of 120.
AWS is how communications service providers (CSPs) are reinventing communications.
Come explore the AWS Village at MWC, and experience over 20 executive level theater sessions, more than 20 partner lightning talks, an experiential AWS demonstration area and an exclusive Edge Continuum guided tour.  
Location: South Entrance | Upper Walkway | CC1 Area
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AWS Village Theatre Sessions
Embracing the cloud: Technology predictions for 2022 and beyond
Ishwar Parulkar Chief Technologist for Telcom IBU, AWS
After AWS pioneered cloud technology more than 15 years ago, it has evolved to a point where the cloud is reaching everywhere on the planet—and even into space. The telecommunications industry has been fundamental to connecting individuals and empowering businesses to be productive and successful. However, we are at an inflection point. As telecommunication providers look to modernize their infrastructure and reinvent themselves as digital service providers, the cloud is starting to play a central role in that transformation. In this session, hear about key technology predictions for 2022 and beyond that are anticipated to shape the next generation of 
this industry. 
Benefits of transforming mobile core networks with the cloud
Fabio Cerone, Telecom Director for EMEA Region, AWS
Agostino Ruberto, CTO, CKH Innovations Opportunities Development
Joe Parker, CEO, CKH Innovations Opportunities Development
Terje Jensen, SVP Network Architecture, Telenor
Erland Prestgard, CEO, Working Group Two
In this panel discussion, executives from CKH Innovations Opportunities Development, Telenor, Working Group Two, and AWS illustrate the advantages and benefits of leveraging the AWS Cloud for core network transformation. Building on the example of the Working Group Two solution, they explore transformation use cases that implement the most recent developments. Learn as they outline strategies mobile network operators can take to accelerate cloudifying networks to bring new and innovative services to end users.
How DISH Wireless built automated 5G-native security on AWS
Anand Oswal, SVP Palo Alto Networks
Security is a main driver for today’s 5G networks. Additionally, cybersecurity speed must match the rapid launch of new services, and service providers require next-level security automation to protect their infrastructure and their customers’ business-critical applications from evolving cybersecurity threats. Join this session to hear how DISH Wireless automated and fully integrated 5G-native security into the US’s first cloud-native 5G network running on AWS. They used Palo Alto Networks VM and CN-Series firewalls and Prisma Cloud Compute to protect network interfaces and functions and gained granular visibility into enterprise 5G traffic while reducing time to market and operating expenditures.
Realizing the potential of 5G with automated service orchestration
Andy Burrell, Head of Portfolio Marketing CNS Business Applications, Nokia
Kashif Mahmood, Senior Research Scientist, Telenor
Network slicing as a service is key to communications service providers fully realizing the promise and potential of 5G to deliver new enterprise services and create additional revenue streams. Join this session to hear how Telenor and Nokia are collaborating within the 5G Verticals INNovation Infrastructure (5G-VINNI) consortium, proving that it’s possible to simplify slicing using zero-touch orchestration running on the AWS Cloud. Explore how 5G can meet key performance indicators for industry-specific use cases and how the B2B2X business model can generate new revenue streams.
The journey to cloud-native 5G
Mark Düsener, Head of Mobile & Mass Market Communication—IT, Network, and Infrastructure Division, Swisscom
Swisscom’s ongoing collaboration with AWS is aiming to cloudify Swisscom’s 5G network by leveraging AWS best practices and native tools. This session covers different aspects of this collaboration, including continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD), continuous testing, orchestration, observability, and data analytics.
To the cloud and beyond: CSP cloud adoption progress & challenges
Oren Betzaleli, General Manager, Amdocs Cloud
Where are CSPs on their cloud adoption journey? How much longer will that journey take? What strategies have helped CSPs succeed? What are the toughest challenges going forward? To whom are they looking for help? Join this session to hear Oren Betzaleli, General Manager of Amdocs Cloud, present insights from new global analyst research commissioned by Amdocs on the often widely differing approaches and opinions of CSPs as they mature from adopting to operating on the cloud.
Launching Sooka: How Astro engages Millennials with Cloud TV
Sofia Regojo, SVP of Global Sales for Media and Telecom, Kaltura
Sooka, a new streaming service by Malaysian leading telco Astro, became the #1 entertainment app on Google Play within two weeks of launch. Join this session to learn how Astro created a successful Cloud TV service in under six months, tailoring a new D2C imprint precisely to the needs of their target audience- the Millennials. Discover how the Kaltura TV platform enabled launching sooka as mobile-first, freemium service, focused on live sports and local content. Learn how Cloud TV enables Astro to unlock new revenue streams by addressing an audience segment less enticed by its existing Pay-TV offering

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