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Mon, 28 Feb: 08:00 - 18:00 CET



CC1.4, Hall 1

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All are welcome to attend and explore 14 AWS partner booths and enjoy over 20 lightning talks.

Please join us for AWS partner lightning talks by visiting the AWS Village Partner Expo (South Entrance | Upper Walkway | CC1.4) at the start time of each lightning talk.


The Partner Expo has a capacity of 60.



Monday – Tuesday:  8:00 AM CET – 18:00 PM CET

Wednesday: 8:00 AM CET – 16:00 PM  CET

Thursday- 8:00 AM CET – 14:00 PM CET





AWS is how communications service providers (CSPs) are reinventing communications.
Come explore the AWS Village at MWC, and experience over 20 executive level theater sessions, more than 20 partner lightning talks, an experiential AWS demonstration area and an exclusive Edge Continuum guided tour.  
Location: South Entrance | Upper Walkway | CC1 Area
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AWS Partner Expo & Lightning Talks 
Accelerate business agility with SaaS BSS
Shahar Dumai, Head of Marketing, Digital Brands, Amdocs
Digital brands and similar lean operators are expected to perform with extreme agility but without the tax associated with complex IT. In this session, explore how you can easily adopt a SaaS business support system (BSS) on AWS to scale quickly, easily, and with expedited time to market while also benefitting from the economies and efficiencies of a shared cloud-native platform that uses the latest AWS technologies. Learn how this is achieved through a prebuilt suite for digital care, commerce, ordering, and monetization and how it uses AWS best practices to efficiently deploy in the cloud.
Hyper-personalized live streaming 360 video with Odience
Ron Nessim, Chief Process Officer, Summit Tech
Odience is an ultra-low latency, two-way live streaming service that uses AWS Wavelength to deliver live, high-resolution (8K+) 360-degree AR and VR video streams to users on mobile devices, tablets, and HMDs. Odience live streams embed ecommerce, microservices, and personal communication into use cases such as entertainment, sports, and remote participation retail and conference venues. These applications offer a real-time, high-end experience that is unmatched in the market by including in-stream applications that allow users to interact with the video content. Odience bridges the gap between immersed participants and physically present users through video wall integration. The solution is immersive, two-way, and cool as ever.
Tapping millennials with Kaltura Cloud TV Platform: Astro’s sooka success
Michael D’Oliveiro, Director of Account Management for Media & Telecom, APAC, Kaltura
Astro is Malaysia’s leading content and entertainment company, serving 72 percent of Malaysian households and running the streaming service sooka for mobile-first millennials. This session unveils how Astro benefits from the Kaltura Cloud TV Platform and a freemium business model to attract younger audiences. Using Kaltura and AWS solutions, Astro launched their streaming platform in under six months, right in time for the UEFA Euro 2020. Learn more about how the Kaltura Cloud TV Platform powered sooka's success and their debut as the top entertainment app on Google Play within two weeks of launch.
Optimizing value starts with purpose-built software stacks 
Justin Reilly, CEO, Wavelo
To fully realize the value from existing infrastructure, operators need purpose-built software. This is what Wavelo's event-driven, cloud-native software provides. In this session we will discuss how DISH and Ting Internet have integrated Wavelo's software, and how it has simplified their operations and benefited hundreds of other customers over the years. This talk will also highlight how Wavelo will be run on AWS in the future. 
Accelerating Telco Cloud Transformation Using Netops.AI powered by AWS Partner Theater
Manish Mangal, Global Head of Business NS & 5G
Enterprises are increasingly looking for a high-performing, reliable, and secure networks on their premises to drive the next level of automation and efficiency. They need a fully managed private network service that delivers not only the required network performance but also the highest level of flexibility to customize enterprise-specific applications to operate efficiently on this private network. In this session, hear how TechM is working with AWS to transform the way networks are built and managed—the hyperscaler way.
Innovating private network deployment models with JMA Wireless & AWS
Akhil Gokul, VP of Product Management, JMA Wireless
JMA Wireless, a leading provider of a fully virtualized, carrier-grade Open RAN solution, is collaborating with AWS to create a best-in-class private networking solution that uses AWS services to offer multiple deployment models across on-premises and hybrid cloud workloads for 4G and 5G technologies. The solution provides a seamless customer experience and offers ease of deployment across a range of organizations, including factories, warehouses, and educational campuses, without compromising on performance and longevity.
How MYCOM OSI’s Assurance solution on AWS benefits 5G service providers
Mounir Ladki, President and CTO, MYCOM OSI
On-premises service assurance systems are not designed for the resource dynamism required by 5G to support enterprises. An agile cloud environment best ensures the necessary infrastructure, network, and services are available at high speed and scale with the ability to remediate dynamically. Additionally, the most profitable way to run AIOps at scale is through cloud offerings. In this session, MYCOM OSI discusses how they use the AWS Cloud to differentiate their Assurance solution, allowing them to provide value for Magenta Telekom by supporting faster time to market, increased agility, and lower TCO. Explore how MYCOM OSI integrates with AWS Telco Lake for their AIOps solutions powered by AWS services.

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