AWS Partner Expo & Lightning Talks


Wed, 2 Mar: 08:00 - 16:00 CET



CC1.4, Hall 1



Session Description

These sessions are open to all passholders. Pre-registration is NOT required and seating is first come, first served.

All are welcome to attend and explore 14 AWS partner booths and enjoy over 20 lightning talks.


Please join us for AWS partner lightning talks by visiting the AWS Village Partner Expo (South Entrance | Upper Walkway | CC1.4) at the start time of each lightning talk.


The Partner Expo has a capacity of 60.



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AWS is how communications service providers (CSPs) are reinventing communications.
Come explore the AWS Village at MWC, and experience over 20 executive level theater sessions, more than 20 partner lightning talks, an experiential AWS demonstration area and an exclusive Edge Continuum guided tour.  
Location: South Entrance | Upper Walkway | CC1 Area
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AWS Partner Expo & Lightning Talks
Modernizing defense logistics with private 5G
Deepak Das, PhD, VP of Solutions, Federated Wireless 
Learn how the U.S. Department of Defense is using private wireless to enable its 5G smart warehouse testbed at the Marine Corps Logistics Base in Albany, Georgia. The deployment supports 5G-enabled IoT applications for use cases like robotics, barcode scanning, and holographic augmented and virtual reality. This successful launch serves as a reference architecture in a larger multi-year initiative to test, refine, and validate emerging 5G-enabled technologies. This session zooms in on how smart warehouses and smart manufacturing use cases are made possible by secure, ultra-reliable, low-latency, private wireless.
Operating anything as a service: Offerings and new business models
Andrew Thomson, SVP of Digital Platforms, Beyond by BearingPoint
What do a global cloud provider, an enterprise telecom operator, a digital-attacker telco brand, a mobility services provider, a global IoT connectivity provider, a global IT kit provider, a wholesale telecom provider, and a utility multi-services provider have in common? They are all using the same Infonova Digital Business Platform as a cloud service on AWS—but for different purposes. Different industries often require different business models but consistently want rapid onboarding and end-to-end business processing, where every functionality is available via the API. In this session, learn how the Infonova Digital Business Platform delivers these functionalities while also running marketplaces for Industry 4.0 and smart anything as a service.
What do you want for the edge? AWS Wavelength expectations & applications
Kidong Lee, Service Delivery Manager, SK Telecom
In this session, learn about the telecom industry’s general understanding of mobile edge computing and explore learnings from SK Telecom’s customer journey to proof of concept. 
Near-RT Ran Integrated  on AWS and leveraging Amazon Sagemaker for xAPPs
Adrian Kliks, Chief Architect & Board Member, RIMEDO Labs
O-RAN Alliance defines disaggregated and Open Radio Access Network elements that enable software and hardware vendors to deliver interoperable solutions. The non-realtime (non-RT) and near-realtime (near-RT) RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) platforms furthers innovation through AI/ML based RAN optimization use cases. In this session, TIP member Accelleran along with Rimedo Labs demonstrate how Amazon Sagemaker and AWS Cloud technologies can simplify development and deployment of RIC use cases that are prioritized by TIP O-RAN partner MNOs and vendors
Simple, secure & scalable: Mitigating risks in the hybrid cloud enterprise
Yusuf Fidvi, Senior Solutions Architect, Versa Networks
As enterprises embrace largescale hybrid cloud architectures as part of their digital transformation journey, traditional security practices can leave businesses exposed to a variety of risks. The cloud security model is designed to be a shared responsibility model, which can lead to blind spots in applications, users, devices, things, and infrastructure visibility if not distributed properly. Additionally, cloud engineers and day 2 operations teams can be challenged by the lack of intelligent application-aware networking within the cloud. In this session, Versa, Verizon, and AWS present a unified experience that delivers comprehensive, enterprise-grade security with Zero Trust architecture, optimal application experience, and data privacy.
No-code 5G monetization with Nokia, Qvantel, and AWS
Hamdy Farid, SVP Business Applications, Cloud and Network Services, Nokia
Tony Regan, VP for Europe, Qvantel
A no-code approach to monetization systems dramatically reduces the time it takes to make business changes to the system from months to hours and can cut related costs by up to 80 percent. In this session, learn how a no-code approach can deliver new levels of agility to CSPs, enabling them to quickly develop, manage, and launch new and innovative digital and 5G services. Join this session to learn more about the benefits of no-code monetization systems and how Nokia and Qvantel’s digital monetization solution powered by AWS can support you on this transformation journey.
Use personalized content discovery to drive viewer engagement
Richard Dowling, Founder & SVP of Consulting, ThinkAnalytics
ThinkAnalytics is a Think360 personalized content discovery and viewer insight platform that runs on AWS. It’s designed to power a next-generation user experience with personalized content recommendations and advanced search capabilities. The AI and machine learning platform helps millions of viewers discover content out of massive content catalogs from third-party providers, boosting engagement, loyalty, and retention. Discover how the ThinkAnalytics personalized content discovery solution, supported by Amazon Personalize and over 30 other AWS services, delivers over 7 billion recommendations per day. This allows viewers to easily find and watch more content, increasing engagement and customer loyalty.

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