AI-on-5G: Bringing Connected Intelligence to Every Industry


Thursday, 01 July: 08:00 - 09:00


My MWC Online, Hall Virtual



Session Description

The fusion of 5G and Enterprise AI at the edge is bringing connected intelligence to every industry. NVIDIA’s AI-on-5G delivers a hyperconverged, simplified technology platform that combines Enterprise AI, high-performance edge computing and 5G’s superior connectivity to propel the digital world, bridge the digital divide and reshape telecom at the edge. The company’s leadership in AI computing is helping accelerate the digital transformation of multi-trillion dollar industries, shifting discussions about RAN investments into monetization opportunities.

AI-on-5G at the edge opens new capabilities for smart cities, security systems, retail intelligence, industrial automation and optimization of network capacity and utilization. Join us to explore how NVIDIA and its ecosystem partners are creating new AI-on-5G opportunities for network operators and businesses around the world.

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