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A Fortress in a Storm: Insights on the Macroeconomic Environment


Tue, 28 Feb: 09:00 - 11:00 CET



Roundtables: Event Enquiries Auditorium, South Entrance



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Please note: This is an invitation only event.

To register your interest in attending this roundtable please reach out to J.P. Morgan Payments Events

Business models are ever evolving and a slow economic outlook dominating the news cycle, resilience is crucial for businesses in 2023. Companies will need to utilise all the information at their disposal as they navigate stormy waters. J.P. Morgan Payments invites you to join an exclusive roundtable discussion as we evaluate the challenging macroeconomic landscape and measure the anticipated impact. We’ll dive into best practices for managing working capital and liquidity and what it will take to be successful in 2023. 

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