5G mmWave Summit


Wed, 2 Mar: 10:00 - 12:00 CET



CC3.13 Room, Hall 3



Session Description

LOCATION: CC3.13, Upper Floor, Hall 3
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It is estimated that by 2025 mobile technologies and services will contribute almost $5 trillion to the global economy and there will be 1.8 billion 5G connections. As stakeholders benefit from the improvements in productivity and efficiency that result from the increased take-up of very high-speed mobile services, 5G mmWave forms an important element of the 5G technology mix.
5G mmWave provides maximum data capacity at very high speeds and very low latency – facilitating reliable and high-quality connectivity in busy areas and for high-traffic scenarios, such as densely populated residential areas, public transport hubs, large entertainment venues and fixed wireless access (FWA) in homes.
Join this summit to understand how 5G mmWave is unlocking the full potential of 5G and hear from leading industry experts about:
• 5G mmWave progress to date and global outlook 
• The economics of 5G mmWave
• Key applications and early adopter markets
• Real-life use cases
• Challenges, priorities and next steps
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