5G IoT from Space: World’s First Constellation with NB-IoT Coverage


Wednesday, 30 June: 09:00 - 10:00 CEST


Auditorium A, Hall 3

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In the context of the imminent irruption of 5G technology and given its enormous potential to give life to the Internet of Things (IoT), the possibility to use the same protocol NB-IoT for both terrestrial and satellite access offers an unprecedented opportunity for massive IoT services, which will benefit from the global coverage provided by satellites.

Sateliot in collaboration with the Government of Catalonia launched in March “ENXANETA” the world’s first satellite to test 5G IoT ground-to-space communications. The first of a satellite constellation that will deliver service to the mobile operators acting as a cell tower from space for all its 5G IoT customers. Sateliot integrates terrestrial and non-terrestrial networks to deliver full coverage to the NB-IoT customers of the world with zero hardware modifications on the user device.

Catalonia is in an ideal time to make a firm commitment to the NewSpace sector; and develop a new market and a new technological network that will have a pull effect and bring together other technologies, artificial intelligence, secure communication, and new-generation mobile communications (5G and IoT, among others).

The promotion of NewSpace is a priority for the Government of Catalonia, which aims to support the deployment of this new space economy in order to make Catalonia a pole of innovation, leadership and attraction for talent and companies in the field of this growing sector, while at the same time encouraging its adoption by various industrial sectors and public institutions that make up our social and productive fabric.

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