5G Innovation & Investment


Tuesday, 29 June: 16:45 - 17:45 CET


Ministerial Programme - CC4.1, Hall Upper Walkway



Session Description

According to the GSMA, 5G is forecast to add $2.2 trillion to the global economy over next 14 years as the benefits of digital, underpinned by 5G connectivity, across verticals such as manufacturing, healthcare and public services continues to grow. Providing the latest insights on how policymakers and regulators support a future in which 5G enabled services and IoT play a key role in our lives, this session will explore the power of symbiotic relationships between industries and discuss the tools policymakers are using to attract investment, advance the digital economy and increase digital engagement across society, including those currently underserved.


- With a handful of countries surging ahead with their 5G deployments, will countries that deploy more slowly lose out? How can the rest of the world ensure 5G is used to its best advantage for their country and economy?

- What should governments be doing — if anything — to encourage 5G innovation and adoption?


This hybrid session will take place in the Ministerial Stage and is available to all Ministerial Programme attendees. The session will also be live streamed via MyMWC. Please note that the GSMA Ministerial Programme is an invitation-only event. Find out more.

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