So much happens at MWC, yet we all have our own experience, our own story, our own moments. Join us on our journey to MWC21 as we galvanise the MWC community to celebrate their stories.

We’re retelling and sharing your personal experiences, favourite stories and memorable moments. It could be the feeling you had when you saw your stand in the flesh, a chance encounter with an old colleague that led to a new business deal, an innovative technology that got you thinking differently.

Your submission can be as simple as a short sentence or paragraph, or if you have any photos you could send them too. We all have an #MWCMoment, what’s yours?

Here are some examples of stories to get you thinking…
  • The MWC speaker that inspired me
  • MWC People – amazing people I’ve met or reconnected with
  • My proudest MWC moment
  • My favourite technology at MWC
  • The end of the MWC Show – how we celebrate
  • How MWC has impacted the way I do business
  • Funniest moment at MWC
  • My biggest learning from MWC
  • A moment that took my breath away

What’s been your most memorable moment at MWC?

Please include a professional headshot

Please include a professional headshot

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