Welcome to Day 4

Today is the final day of MWC19. There’s still time to catch some great speakers and programmes. We still have some excellent discussions happening today, just to name a few:

  • Women4Tech Summit – The Summit starts the conversation of how to best practice gender diversity in technology and includes multiple speakers in Hall 4, Aud A.
  • AI, Machine Learning and Your Access Networks – Artificial Intelligence is set to revolutionise how operators compete and grow. This session will look into the challenges and possibilities of the application.
  • The Future of Digital Humanitarian Response – This session will explore how integrating innovation and utilising technology will increase accountability, efficiency and impact in the future of digital humanitarian response.
  • There are many more topic tours, labs and programmes set to take place today, check out the daily agenda here.

There is still a full day of MWC ahead, we hope you find it productive. Have a great day!

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