The Live Experience

By Chris Berend, CNN, SVP of Digital Video and Co-Founder of Great Big Story

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The CNN brand is synonymous all over the world with live breaking news.  We play many roles in consumers’ daily lives, but our central brand promise has always been around “live.” That’s easy to understand in a broadcast context but has taken on new meaning in a digital world.

We stream our world-class live linear TV coverage in all sorts of places—apps, web and otherwise. Always will. But increasingly we are stretching the notion of live into formats—strategically produced live “shows” on- and off-platform.

We are engaging our users in real time to help them inform our conversation, bringing an essential element to our live products in an increasingly time-shifted, on-demand world. We are experimenting with data streams. And with surrounding live video with real time commentary and analysis.

But we are not done experimenting. While there are others out there trying to replicate a live 24-hour news service, we are confident we provide consumers the best live feed in the world. And the future will be about how we compliment that, serve our users’ needs, build habits, and engage new consumers in ways that deepen our relationship.

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