Sports & Entertainment Summit

Mobile World Congress is excited to announce its first ever Sports & Entertainment Summit. On Wednesday, 28 February, the Summit will bring together leading personalities from across the finance, sports, entertainment and mobile worlds.

Over the course of the day, discussions will centre on the evolution of these ecosystems as a result of continued innovation amongst digital, mobile and social technologies. As millennials and Gen Z consumers seemingly insatiable appetite for content continues to rise, content distribution platforms seek to provide more creative offerings than ever before.

Sports and entertainment occupies a special place in this world. While continuing to provide significant value through traditional linear media, sports and entertainment properties are evolving at a rapid pace in order to ensure they are reaching fans wherever they are on whichever device they prefer.

With 5G on the horizon and a host of new distribution platforms, panelists will help make sense of this ever-evolving ecosystem and foreshadow what’s to come.

Please make sure to apply for admission at the Summit’s webpage. Looking forward to seeing you in Barcelona!