NEXTech in Hall 8.0

Immerse yourself in a world filled with the latest VR, AR, IoT, drones, robotics, AI and much more in NEXTech Hall 8.0. There are tons of cool features in this hall such drones, VR/AR Hardware and software companies, Humanoid Robots, Cognitive Computing and AI technology. With the fourth Industrial Revolution now well underway, NEXTech demonstrates the most forward thinking companies and technologies currently disrupting the ICT ecosystem.

NEXTech labs are also part of the pavilion – an open theatre that features content led presentations by industry experts currently at the forefront of next generation tech. Some of the most prominent companies in the mobile industry are present in this interactive experience.

The Drone Zone, IoT Pavilion, and Graphene Pavilion are located in Hall 8.0 showcasing the impact of this type of technology on the mobile industry and to the connected world.

Don’t miss NEXTech, add it to your agenda today!