MWC Tours & Experiences

Are you new to Mobile World Congress or simply looking for an opportunity to focus your time and energy on the topics and people who can help expand your knowledge? Then we have just the thing for you!

MWC Tours are guided by dynamic industry experts who share perspectives from their unique vantage points. They will lead you through the mobile ecosystem and introduce you to exhibitors and meet fellow attendees. MWC Tours offers nine of the most popular topics in the mobile industry today.

Join the topic tours and gain new insights and connections. Topics Tours include:

  • 5G & NFV: The 5G and Virtualised Network Tour
  • Content: Content is King
  • Emerging Tech: How and When to Adapt New Technology
  • Enterprise: Today’s Disruptive Technologies to Enterprise
  • IoT: The New World of the Internet of Things
  • IoT Security: How to Keep the IoT Ecosystem Connected and Safe
  • Mobile Advertising & Apps: Marketing & Analytics for Apps & Mobile Solutions
  • Retail & Digital Commerce: Distributed Commerce in a Mobile World
  • Sustainable Smart Cities: How Smart City Investments Can Advance Sustainability

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Custom Experiences
Don’t leave your event experience to chance – make sure your time at MWC is well-planned and successful. Tell us your business objectives while at Mobile World Congress and we will create a custom experience that matches your requirements. Click here to learn more about creating your custom experience!