#CaseforChange: The storytellers of life-changing technologies

#CaseforChange is a movement dedicated to evangelising real-world stories of how mobile operators are having a life-changing impact on communities around the world; in both developed and developing countries.

The mobile industry was the first sector to collectively commit to achieving the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals by deploying pioneering technological innovations; explored through each uniquely told #CaseforChange story.

The international scope and scale of #CaseforChange underscores how exceptionally diverse mobile technology is in addressing critical world issues spanning several SDGs; from fostering a world-leading culture of Gender Equality in Rwanda, to establishing crucial channels of communication in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of earth-shattering hurricanes, to giving displaced war-torn Syrian refugees a kernel of hope in granting financial autonomy and an invaluable second shot at life.

The life-changing power of mobile

The mobile industry can deliver unparalleled value to the global economy and weigh in on fortifying humanitarian stability through the unique ability to exponentially aid communities, governments and charities through connectivity. #CaseforChange chronicles each pioneering technological innovation through the eyes of an individual who has experienced first-hand, the enriching impact and domino effect of change it has had on their daily life.

Since its inception, the #CaseforChange campaign has reached over 220 million people and amassed over 21 million video views. As the campaign continually evolves and captures the most captivating narratives from all corners of the globe, you too, can join the movement.

To explore the individual #CaseforChange journeys, visit www.caseforchange.com and share your own stories for us to feature within the campaign.

You can also visit us within the Innovation City and speak to members of the team.

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