Best Practices in Digital Transformation

By Stuart Carlaw, Chief Research Officer at ABI Research

Approaching an industrial digital transformation project can be daunting, but there are several key takeaways that will significantly increase the possibility of a successful implementation. Take a look at some of these tips:

  • Look for the quick wins.  Find operational areas where a solution can be quickly executed and will reap benefits in a short time.  All of this will help you to build alignment for future projects and provide some great learning opportunities.
  • Get the all the right people on the same page. Projects should include key influencers from both operational and IT roles. Get everyone involved early! Round up digital executives early on for a seamless and frictionless project.
  • Don’t view technology projects as isolation. A single technology project can have great impacts on others both good and bad depending on how it is managed. Think of the projects as a continual macro process that needs active management and oversight.  If all goes well, even 1 + 1 can = 3!
  • A strategy is vital. Poor organization, unrealistic timelines, and unbalanced plans will lead to friction and even project failures. So always plan ahead.
  • Base all your decisions in reality. Without a goal in mind, there will be no probability of demonstrating concrete value and driving alignment for future projects.
  • Pick partners carefully.  The need to engage with partners to co-create services and positive outcomes in projects is growing and the number of partners per project is also increasing.  Don’t get dragged into technological dead ends based on partner agenda.

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